Welcome Aboard the Audrey Jill

This photo was taken by previous owner. I have yet to get a good photo from the dinghy or shore. Will replace soon as I can.

About a week ago Lisa and I finalized the purchase of our 1983 Albin 36’ Trawler, and with only a few slightly ‘loose ends’ remaining on what I call the first phase of our journey, we are beginning to focus on phase two; Rebuild.

Yes, that statement is an oversimplification as it might relate to a boat, but for now, and in the sake of retaining what sanity I have remaining, simple is what is needed and in great measure.

Don’t get me wrong, this boat is in really great shape and the rebuild description is more or less just a place holder, as with nearly any boat, the maintenance and upgrades should never stop, else you have lost the love for her you had the day you first set eyes on her.

She is a work in progress, or as my sister Debbie pointed out, in a suggested song for me to listen to by Kenny Chesney; I am building a better boat.

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