TAJ remains in the marina slip awaiting our window for casting lines. Still have a few tasks to complete, some of which are direct engine related issues.

The Ford Lehman 120 Diesel engine runs very well, however, I know I need to (at the very least) clean the raw water intake filters, check oil once again, and possibly change fuel filters.

The only other (not exactly necessary) item I am waiting for is the outboard motor for the dinghy which we have identified and claimed as our own.

Tuesday I should have the outboard motor arriving. That gives me a couple more days to complete the preventive maintenance and pre checks on the engine and other systems, and remedy problems if necessary.

Lisa and I are ‘chomping at the bit’ to get her out in some deeper water and put the wind in our face.

Patience is what I keep telling myself to overcome any apprehension in my ‘seamanship’ and abilities to Captain this 36’ boat with a displacement of around 18,000 pounds.

I am sure that it will all be fine once I get her out of the slip and begin to get a ‘feel’ of her. I have to learn how she speaks and what she needs. She is already talking to me. She was very talkative the day we shook hands with the previous owner.

Thanks Eddie.

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