Our first overnight in our boat at anchor went very well. I did not get any sleep but that was due to two factors.

  • Continual attempts to get the AC to run on the portable generator due to lack of knowledge.
  • First time at anchor and wanted to continually observe our path of movement on the chart plotter.
She held her position well in a somewhat windy bay. The wind was out of the South East at 12 – 15 knots throughout.

The following morning we had coffee and a bite to eat, and soon enough we raised the anchor using the still untried windlass. It worked well, however we had not prepared for rode cleaning on its way up. We just used a 5 gallon bucket and multiple haul ups of water.

I will need to address the wash down system, or lack thereof. A sea water pump may already be installed for that. If not, install one.

Lisa was able to troll a bit on the way back across the bay and came up with a Gag Grouper.

Released Alive

We motored around for a bit and was thinking about taking on some more fuel but decided against it for now. I think we were both wanting to stay out longer; Weeks longer.

That was the second time out, but first time overnight. Overall it went well. Looking forward to next time.

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