Returned today with the teak set for the fly bridge, assembled it, and replaced a faulty bilge pump float switch.

There wasn’t as much room on deck for the outdoor set as we thought there would be, but it works none the less.

Seems the fly bridge deck area is rounded a bit for better drainage and only provides a flat area in the area we placed it. The grill can be moved to the rail further aft which will give just a bit more room, and still function well.

Of course, some paint on the bridge would make that look much better but will have to wait a bit longer.

I have one more camera to mount in the engine room. It will be positioned to view the rear of the engine and transmission, and partially viewing the stuffing box.

All four installed now and working well.
Single camera view.

Below are photos of some of the wiring I have replaced, the battery bank, and the charger. The solar panel controller is viewable in the upper portion of one of the photos.

November updated video tour.

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