The time that has expired since my last entry, has allowed me to find things that need immediate attention, such as the solar panel feed wire. Someone apparently missed with one of the screws and went right through the center. The repair will need to be revisited as I need to solder to ensure good connection.

I was planning on routing the T.V. antennae wire, and the two Cat-5 cables for the top side cameras through this chase pictured, but there was no room. I am glad I took the cover off else it could have become a real bad problem.

I was able to run the wires from the bridge as pictured, which will do for now. Maybe for a long time.

I returned earlier in the week and removed the remaining teak trim and then sanded the roughest areas. I also began the process of the end caps rebuild. This is only my second time working with fiberglass and resin. Next update should cover finishing those end caps and shower/tub repair.

The name on the stern will be the last to be removed and will be completed once we have the paint, vinyl lettering, and time to do it the right way.

We are still trying to determine how to replace that teak trim on the bridge at the absolute lowest price possible. Sourcing local at a reasonable cost has yet to appear.

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