I was able to make it back over and work on the engine room, bilge, and engine. Cleaning of the raw water intake screens on the engine and AC unit was much needed. I am surprised that the AC was working as well as it was with the screen below.

I was told the AC screen needed cleaning when I bought it but I am only now getting around to it. I was amazed that the flow was a good as it was.

Amazingly I was able to clean the above screen and put it back in service, although only because it won’t be used much for a few months. The engine screen was much cleaner however the sediment bowl needed to be shop vac’d.

I noticed from a forum post that not all Albin 36’s have the forward hatch which ads much needed access to an already cramped mechanical room. More than likely that is where a generator was once mounted.

I changed the oil on the injector pump as well. The oil that came out looked very good. May have been changed right before I bought it.

The bilge is much cleaner now, although it too is far from what I would like. Will need to work more on that.

I also noted that various bits of insulation (acoustic ceiling panels) have been falling down and once the small pieces hit the bilge water they become soaked and clog pumps if not watched carefully.

I am dreaming of the entire engine room being white peg board with a layer of exterior residential ‘blue board’ insulation underneath.

Didn’t have enough time to finish up the fiberglass work on the tub or the end caps on the bridge. Actually, I didn’t even have time to start it. I do have all the materials needed now so it is just a matter of getting back over.

A bit of sanding needs to be done on the filler and then more fiberglass and then more sanding. Finish it off with white gel coat (I think). Should be finished next update.

Oh, and Starlight if you happen to see this, I can’t PM at that forum or I would have taken a few minutes to say hello.


01/16/2020 at 12:28 AM

Hi Bill, Looks like you are making excellent progress. Our travel plans got a little screwed up by the weather 1-2 & 1-3 but I made it down Sunday the 5th.

Bottom job is finished, PP did a great job. New zincs all round. She should be good for a couple of years. New cushions showed up Monday. Put the canvas back up (after detailers cleaned and polished everything) – so canvas shop can take measurement for new clear vinyl sections. Installed depth finder transducer late Tuesday and dropped her back in the water Wed. morning. Moved her to a different slip to get away from a huge power distribution box on the dock that blocked access to the rear deck. Took a while to reset lines and fenders. Headed North that afternoon. Didn’t get around to programing MMSI into VHF – next trip — (along with a dozen other punch list items I have to address) 146.76/.16 mhz 100hz tone. MMSI number is: 338360697


    01/16/2020 at 2:22 PM

    Larry – She is truly a beauty. I look forward to a closer look at Starlite in the future.

    PP. I am definitely going to check them out first when it is time for ours (it is beyond time but not the right time). I am scheduled to help a neighbor at NAS to work the bottom of his boat when he pulls her out at the end of the month.

    I will get that extremely valuable first hand experience. It should definitely help me in deciding to do the work myself or contract it. We will see.

    Wish you calm seas.

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