Returned to try and finish up the tub repairs and end cap fiberglass work. As always, a hundred other things present themselves and attempt to distract my focus, but most are minor.

I worked on various electronic gear. Top side VHF, TV antennae, chart plotter firmware and map upgrades, and various other small items. Lisa continued to work on the teak rails, steps, etc., and has been making good progress.

The tub repairs are not completed, but the first layer of gel coat has been applied. I have never worked with gel coat and thought it might ‘self level’, but you could clearly see the brush lines so I plan to lightly sand the first coat when dry and then use the roller to give it the proper finish. Bottom line; it will work fine and look pretty good when finished.

As far as the end caps on the bridge go, they are formed as much as we desire for now. I could lay down more filler and glass to eliminate the uneven surface completely but perfection was not the goal. I am sure I will reconsider later.

Cleaned and vacuumed up the loose paint chips under the v-birth beds and in the chain locker for the ground tackle. We checked out the tackle condition and identified a few more smaller items that need attention such as anchor line eye splices, etc. Of course, rethinking stowage and continued inventory took some time, but it is hard not to deal with it immediately when we work in any given area.

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