I felt that we needed to give an update since it has been a while. I was hoping to get a bit further along on the installations of new equipment, but the truth of boats is that sometimes what should be a short, straightforward install becomes quite complicated when you set out to do it right.

First: The new VHF Standard Horizon radio and extension mic went in pretty much straightforward, however tuning the antennae is another thing entirely. I tried to save a bit of money by purchasing a generic Chinese SWR meter, and of course ended up having to purchase a Diamond that is not complicated and more accurate (debatable). I am still waiting for that meter to arrive from DX Engineering.

Second: The Inverter/Charger is on the boat and after studying marine electronics and wiring a bit more, I have had to make additional purchases to complete the install properly. No short cuts on this install. Additional purchases of 4/0 AWG wire along with the proper T-type fuse, dedicated switch, etc. has the initial $539.00 investment closer to the standard B.O.A.T. truth. Break Out Another Thousand.

The aft utility lights were installed and work well. They light up the deck well for work or fishing.

Updates coming once more progress has been made.

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