A Moment Of Reflection After Six Months

This post will try to focus on the realities we have learned, now first hand, during the first six months of ownership.

One reader had mentioned a particular area of interest and usefulness from this blog being the insight provided as it relates to the ‘pitfalls’ encountered. So in the spirit of these words from a song I wrote years ago; “The ups wouldn’t be no good Lord if it weren’t for the downs”, here we go.

I had around four bullet points already written and it seems I lost them. No worries. Luckily I found a few more projects to keep us busy, and with taking the boat out a couple times since last, I have fell behind on updates.

The above sunsets are just so spectacular that I routinely have to pinch myself. Those photos were taken on our last jaunt across the Pensacola Bay to anchor just offshore of Fort Pickens. The Anchorage is called Starfish, and after pulling up numerous Starfish in our crab cages, we now understand the appropriate name. Of course, the last photo (screenshot) of my Navionics track trying to back it into the slip are quite amusing.

A couple of the things we are working on today.

Just Another Day In Paradise

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