We were able to meet my brother half way in Alabama and my father completed the trip to North Carolina without issues.

This Covid-19 virus has roughly 4 times the number of positives in Florida than North Carolina, and dad being 85 yo puts him in the higher risk category, according to what information we have been able to read. With him now safely out of the state we returned to the boat and are relieved.

During the next few weeks we should be able to get a good bit of these projects finished that have been in limbo. Of course, there will be new projects to fill the void, but that is a given.

I expect that most of the posts, in the immediate future, will contain some element of how the virus has effected us, and if we made a wise choice escaping the masses by choosing the sea.

Although we can’t go far at this time, because we will be checking in on my dad’s property from time to time, we expect to be spending more time at anchor. If we have to ‘social distance’ ourselves, then waking and drinking coffee on the bridge while looking at a beautiful sunrise seems a good call. Only time will tell.

As of right now, more states are issuing mandatory shelter in place directives. The state of Florida has set up check points on major interstates to intercept those from New Orleans, New York, New Jersey, etc., and requiring them to quarantine for 14 days when entering the state. There are some very stiff penalties in place for those that lie on the questionnaires or disobey the directives to quarantine. And so there should be.

I am starting to read more and more reports of quarantine for boaters when entering various state ports and I predict that trend to continue with greater intensity as this pandemic continues.

When one looks at all the measures being taken by our state and federal governments, it is hard to not realize that, as after 9/11, America as we know it is changing drastically.

  • Federal recommendations to stay at home
  • State requirements to stay at home
  • States restricting 1st and 2nd amendment rights
  • People being arrested for practicing their religion
  • National Guard being activated
  • DoD retirees being asked to return to active duty in various fields
  • Some military bases being closed to all but active military and mission essential roles only

Then when you add to this mix a seemingly escalating division in the country that stems from political and social ideologies, and other governments using the PC culture created in this country to their advantage, we start to see a more complete picture forming.

Not only are we at war at home, we are simultaneously in a war with nations that wish to inflict major economic harm, and in the end, reduce our prosperity to match that around the world.

Below is a good example of the impact Biological Warfare can have on us. I now have a laser thermometer sitting next to the entry into the saloon. Anyone unfamiliar to us, who wishes to board this vessel, will now be required to have a quick temp reading.

To my fellow brother in arms; I am very confident that the majority of you are taking heed of this current biological threat as well as the continued civil unrest taking place. Hopefully you are also ‘squared away’.

Drive On Young Soldiers

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