Having the Blue Angels doing their thing while working on the boat makes it a bit more fun.

Boat: We have been able to get a little more painting done and the fly bridge now has two coats of Total Boat Total Tread. I am probably more excited about than anything else, considering, when relaxing on board, that is the best place by far.

The possible check Uncle Sam is talking about sending out would go a long way toward getting the boat pulled out and a good bottom job done, but I doubt it will happen right now, as others might need that money more than we do. Have to wait and see.

SITREP: Florida’s Governor has issued a mandatory ‘shelter in place’ order effective midnight tonight. Hulbert Field was closed to anyone not essential earlier in the week and the scuttle here; it is not a matter of if – but when, they will lockdown the NAS.

Although the state is in SIP status, they consider ‘recreation’ an essential activity just as shopping or the doctor.

This, at first, kind of confused me, however the more I thought about it, the more it does make sense. If one were to move the country in the direction of total government control, easing the people into it slowly would be much more effective than immediate loss of freedom.

I will leave you today with one thing to keep an eye on in the coming weeks. States Rights will be in the forefront of items of interests. The fracturing is happening now.

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