Two days in the engine room and how sore I am, but we have one hell of a story, none the less.

I thought I had an extra fuel line on the boat and that this trip would be a good one to get a bit of that experience of ‘boat maintenance’ under pressure. We got that and more.

The first thing we ran into was losing the engine when we were searching for a good anchorage. No problem since we had previously discussed the procedure should that occur. What we didn’t account for was how windy it really was. We were very fortunate to have someone lend us a hand towing us to shallower water to accommodate a better scope (angle of anchor chain/rope). If by chance those kind folks ever read this, thank you very much.

That was a good call since unbeknownst to us, a very powerful storm cell would pass over later that night around 2:00 am. It was so intense that the winds were easily 45 knots and higher on gusts. During the worst part we ventured out to throw a second (Danforth) anchor. That might have well saved us from beaching.

My attempts to fix the fuel line problems the following morning, still on the hook, eventually revealed the need to use TowBoatUS for the first time, and we were towed back to the marina across the bay.

We were allowed to anchor just off of our slip so I could correct the problem the following day (today).

In the morning we took our tender to the dock and went to the auto parts store close to the marina and bought the remaining stuff we needed on top of the fuel line that our neighbor had picked up for us the night before. Thank you Gregg for picking up that fuel line while you were in town. Thank you Blake for the guidance on bleeding that system.

We knew we had to fix it before the following day since another nice storm was moving in. Without all of the play by play details, we were able to change all fuel filters and replace some fuel line, as well as correct a problem with the electric auxiliary fuel pump, crank her up, and get her in the slip. Mission accomplished.

We actually considered these past two days as extremely valuable since we are coming together as a functional crew.

Although we didn’t get the chance to wash the hull using the tender, and Jessie didn’t get to spend nearly as much time ashore exploring the animal kingdom, we did make it back with the boat and crew in one piece. I was also able to finally get a few photos from the tender and away from the slip.

We are getting there.

Wherever ‘there’ is.

Oh, and Jessie did become part of the crew. Her and Lisa did so well, and are both really proud of themselves, as they should be.
Love you guys.

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