Small Update

The time since my last post has seemed like a whirlwind. Gone in 60 seconds (original) type of gone.

This COVID-19 virus has affected us all, I would think, in one way or another. I consider our personal situation to be better off than many and we, like others, are giving every chance we get. I would urge others to do the same. If your fancy is a veterans non-profit that make real differences in veterans lives, Code Of Vets is a very good one.

We are fortunate in having these sunrises and sunsets to enjoy.

Right now we are working on the plumbing system. More accurately, black water. Instead of just replacing the holding tank with another one of the same size we are leaning toward installing a Raritan PuraSan waste treatment system that we will hook up only to the rear (master) head.

We can then install a 25 gal holding tank and plumb to the forward v-birth head for areas where discharge is forbidden.

We are working on small items everyday and occasionally tackle something larger, but eventually we have to get back out there and enjoy it without a punch list.

Which brings me to this tidbit of boating truth; Your boat cannot be enjoyed as well if you are in constant maintenance mode. The clutter created from trying to keep your tools, sanding supplies, paints, resin, teak oil, paint trays, etc, etc, etc. laying around conveniently just does not work well for us. We reconsidered the offer to use a ‘dock box’ up where the cars are parked. We now try to keep most that stuff off the boat until we need it.

The Blue Angels are teaming up with The Thunderbirds for some good ole fashioned ‘Love Your Country’ demonstrations. I guess that is a support aircraft for the Thunderbirds. They had two land.

A little nostalgia gaming setup now. Good for rainy days. Of course, I have my guitar.

And finally we have Precious, both before and after one of our long walks here at the marina.

SITREP: States Rights – that is all.

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