We have our oldest daughter’s family visiting for a few days so we have tidied up on maintenance items and should be heading out for a short day trip Thursday. Really looking forward to this trip as it will be the first time out since replacing all fuel filters and replacing a fuel pump gasket which was allowing a bit of oil to leak from around that seal.

My granddaughter Alaina, pictured below, is really enjoying her time on board. She has been waiting so long to get down here. Sadly with this Covid-19 crap going on it limits the times we are able to visit the beach and of course eating out in a restaurant is not an option, yet.

The header image was the first one that I think we have taken at night with the living area lights all on. It probably looks really good from shore when on the hook.

We still have a long way to go before we can turn the 80/20 maintenance/pleasure ratio on it head and spend more time at anchor, out and about, exploring. But we are getting there.

We still have hopes of making snapper season at 5 or 10 miles out this year. That may not seem like a huge goal to many, but to us, it will be a huge milestone.

We should have some photos and updates from the next trip out shortly after returning if we don’t run into problems, God willing.

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