Of Course, Our Lord Is Not Done Yet

This is somewhat of a notification for anyone that may have read this blog before and were curious about the happenings in our life. Enough time has transpired in our lives to have many testimonies of how our Lord has been with us every step of the way.

Since we sold The Audrey Jill to Eric and his family there has been a few heavy storms that hit the area. I can not give you an update as to their plight. I can only pray that no matter what the outcome for them, we sold the boat to them with enough room in equity vs value that they will be fine. We think about y’all often Eric.

We have since moved to a small NC community and have met so many wonderful people that each one could fill their own blog entry.

We are in a place, geographically as well as in life’s journey, that we are able to help others which brings us much joy. If in the process, we find opportunities to help ourselves, I am trying really hard to not put up those road blocks that I used to lay.

This music community where I am has presented so many opportunities for me to meet good people that I am starting to forget what it was like before when I dreaded meeting anyone.

It is no coincidence that the more I have faith in our Lord the better I feel.

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