About The Audrey Jill

Above is my mother who passed away back in 2001 – a few months before 9/11. A day that changed America forever.

She is Audrey Jill.

Mom was from England and I believe her brothers and father were all involved in some capacity with the sea. It was in their blood. Below are a couple of restored photos my brother sent me, and I believe in one of them, her father, my grandfather, can be seen working on a deck of a ship.

My dad met my mother in England, where he was stationed in the Air Force. My dad served twenty years and had a tour in Vietnam back in the early 70’s. I can safely say that my entire family must have been taught right and service in our military runs deep within.

My sister and myself were both in the US Army, and my brother was in the US Air Force. My sisters daughter, my niece, was also in the Army or National Guard and served a tour in Iraq.

My dad was stationed in Guam around 1965 to 1967, or so, and that is where I was born in 1966. I must have been subconsciously drawn to the ocean and I intend on making it back over there before I leave this mean old world. God willing.

I married my wife, a girl I used to sit and eat lunch with back in high school, after I had left the service on my first tour. We have been married 30 years in August of this year. We have three grown daughters.

I have been writing songs and playing guitar and such for nearly 30 years as well, however I have never really pursued it as a career. I intend to start devoting more time to my music in the future. If you are ever out and about and see the Audrey Jill and feel like doing some picking and grinning, give me a call on one of the frequencies I monitor, or hell, just come on over.

Hopefully the above gives a bit of history of the boat, the name, and our life.

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